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Junior golf instruction involves more than learning to hit the ball.  The Bradenton Country Club Junior Golf Program has been developed by PGA professionals Brian Lake and Ryan Macey for the purpose of developing the children’s golf proficiency along with teaching and promoting the 11 core values that champions and highly successful adults possess.  From camps and development programs, PGA Junior League teams to High School and College preparation, Bradenton Country Club Junior Golf Program has what the kids need to become golfers.

Our mission is to develop talent, nurture the competitive spirit and create lady and gentlemen golfing athletes.   We strive to bring our members an effective training program utilizing all the resources that the club has to offer to develop the potential of our young players in an educative, fun and highly competitive arena.

Children who join the program will be evaluated by the golf professional staff who will determine which stage of learning the student belongs (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient). Each stage has a series of levels the children will advance through to reach the next higher stage. Each level offers the children access to different learning and playing activities, aimed at elevating their skills, knowledge and playing ability.

Areas of focus include; skills, etiquette, rules, and improving their scores.


Practice Range
Practice Putting Green
Practice Sand and Short Game Area
18 Holes of Championship Golf
Top of the Line Golf Simulator
Tour Level Club Fitting and Club Repair Workshop
A full Staff of PGA Professionals and Assistants
Fully Stocked Golf Shop of Equipment at great prices
Affiliations with top tour professionals

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After School Program

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Proficient Students

During the school year we offer 1 1/2 hours each day After School (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and 2 hours Saturday, of Professionally Supervised training time for all juniors in the program.

Activities each day will vary by skill levels but include instruction, supervised practice, games and coaching.

This program is essential for the improvement of our players and to help them reach their goals of advancement.
Cost is $30 per day, or $300 per month

PGA Junior League Team

Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient Students
The PGA Junior League is a nationwide effort to provide a fun and educational way for the younger golfers, ages 8-13, to come together for a golfing competition.

Unlike the normal junior tournament, this is unique in that it is a team event with a season of matches.  Clubs are able to put together a team of up to 12 kids who then compete against other clubs.  At the end of the season, an all-star team of all the clubs we compete against is put together who then play to earn their way to the national finals held at some of the country’s best golf courses.

The format is 2 player scramble match play against 2 kids from the opposing team.  Each match is just 3 holes, and they play 3 matches per competition for a total of 9 holes.  There are no caddies and the kids must make their own decisions with the help from their teammates.

This is truly the best system for introducing children to the fun of golf competition.  Our golf professionals assist with the organization, coaching and instruction to give our children the best opportunities for success.

The season begins in May and the local matches run into July and August, depending on the weather.  The regional, state and national events take place after that with the national finals held in November.

​It only costs $375 for the season and includes practices, uniforms and all the courses and competition fees.

Sign Up Today.  (Members Only) ​Click Here and then type Bradenton CC in the ‘find a team’ search bar.
Learn More about PGA Junior League Here

Junior Golf Camps

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Students
The junior golf instruction program of Bradenton Country Club features golf camps designed to be both fun and highly instructive.  Juniors of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced have the opportunity to learn all about the game of golf in the friendly and safe atmosphere of the country club.

All players will be placed with one of our golf instructors based on age and abilities.  We have multiple instructors and every child will have an incredible golfing experience they can remember for the rest of their lives. ​

Learn How to Play Golf Better
Learn Golf Etiquette
Learn the Traits of Champions

  • Weekly camps available, June through July each summer
  • Tuesdays through Fridays 9:00 am to 1:30 pm each day
  • Lunch provided each day
  • Beginners to Advanced, ages 6-15
  • Additional Family Member Discounts
  • Great Prizes for all Campers

​Each Week is $160 per member, $175 for non-members.  Additional Family members pay half price.  Payment will be collected at the start of the camp.

Junior Tournaments

Advanced & Proficient Students
Getting Tournament Ready is a goal of our junior program.  For those players that are eligible, we offer tournaments at the club to give them the experience they need to continue to improve their games and become more competitive.

Junior Club Championship
Summer Challenge

For our proficient students, we make recommendations and coach our students in playing tournaments held outside the club as well.

Drive, Chip & Putt Competition

This is a nationwide competition that is focused on the essential elements of the game of golf; the drive, the chip and the putt.  Ages 7-15.

Our programs are designed to teach these fundamentals and prepare our junior golfers to be able to participate in this competition.

Junior Golf Committee

The junior golf committee is an essential part of the junior golf program at Bradenton Country Club.  It is an appointed group of students who have shown leadership skills and a desire to be an integral part of the club.

Its purpose is to provide feedback and ideas to the professional staff about the offerings of the program, types of games and tournament formats.  It is also involved in the evaluation of students and assists in making recommendations to the director of golf for students stage advancement.

To be eligible for the committee, students will need to show leadership, have advanced to the proficient stage of development, be nominated by the professional staff, and fill out an application.

One of the committee is elected by a vote from the professional staff and fellow members in November to be the Junior Golf Committee president for a term of one year.